Congratulations to those of you

who qualified for the

Valley View Cup!


Dinner will be held on Friday, October 7th for the qualifiers and guest. Saturday, October 8th will consist of Breakfast, Round 1, Lunch, Round 2. Exact times are TBD.


White Team

Tanner Clark

Kurt Owen

Brad Nielson

Jim Mcallister

Alex Florek

Casey Shaw

Scott Barker

Mark Dunn

Tysen Diaz

Mark Fiehler

Geoff Hale

Cole Miles

Spencer Nielson

Gordon Haycock          

Black Team

Tod Budge

Reed Nielsen

Jeremy Child

Leslie Bonvillain

Chet Thomas

Reg Miles

Dallas Brewer

Ken Heath

Kelly J. Jensen

Scott Hurst

Paul Clark

Rustin Miller

Jason Johnson

Raymond Sandoval


Thanks for Playing in the

Jay Cashmore / State Farm

Gross & Net


Sponsored by

 Jay Cashmore



Thanks for playing in the 2016 Valley View

Senior Club Championship!

Congratulation to Corey Ford!! 


 BIA Logo (117x90).jpg

Thanks to Corey & Beehive for Sponsoring the tournament!!

2016 Valley View Junior Golf

Club Championship

Results for 7-26-2016

 Valley View would like to thank all the

parents and juniors that made this years

Junior League great.

We hope to see you all next year.

Keep practicing.

Thanks for playing in the 2016

Valley View Amatuer!

Winnings available to spend Monday, May 30th, 2016!

All winnings must be spent by October 31st, 2016!


Calendar of Events

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