Congratulations to this year's Valley View Cup contestants! The matches will be played Saturday, October 14th.                 Good luck!

            Team White                  Team Black 

                 Dustin Volk                                      Pete Stone

                  Alan Aoki                                         Brad Nielson

                  Art Suekawa                                    Brad Orchard

                  Bryan Jennings                               Brian Beecher

                  Caiden Jones                                   Casey Murray

                  Cole Miles                                         Dennis Norman

                 Corey Ford                                        Jason Bracken

                 Craig Glende                                     Jeremy Child

                 John Barker                                       Lee Diaz

                 Raymond Sandoval                           Peter Iles

                 Rich Stuart                                         Reg Miles

                 Russell Hook                                     Stan Nakano

                 Scott Hurst                                        Tod Budge

                 Tage Flint                                           Tysen Diaz 


Thanks for Playing in the

Jay Cashmore/State Farm Gross & Net


 Sponsored by

Jay Cashmore




Thanks for Playing in the

Mountainland Valley View Open


Steve Schneiter 2017 Champion. 



 Sponsored by

Mountainland Supply 


Valley View Golf Course



Thanks for Playing in the

Valley View Senior Club Championship


  Sponsored by

Corey Ford


Congratulations Russ Hook

our Senior Club Champion!!


Thank you for playing in the 2017 Valley View Amateur! Winnings available to spend on Monday, May 29th.
All winnings must be spent by October 31st, 2017!
Second Flight results changed.


Valley View Summer Junior Golf Programs

Sign ups start Monday, May 1st! Click here for more information!

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